Why is it important to have good kitchen ventilation?

A clean and controlled kitchen environment isn’t something that comes easily. This is truer in the case of commercial, institutional and industrial kitchens rather than residential ones. Those in charge of commercial kitchens need to make sure that all the areas remain a happy & healthy place to work every day.

A very important aspect of any commercial kitchen is a good kitchen ventilation system. The right kind of installation ensures the health & safety of the staff in commercial settings. It also helps keep various surfaces in the kitchen cleaner, making them easy to maintain.

A commercial kitchen deals with far more heat & grease than a residential one, due to the larger amounts of food being prepared and cooked; the different methods used, as well as the larger number of people present. If the kitchen ventilation isn’t up to the mark, all the smoke, grease and heat can prove to be a health hazard.

In order to avoid this, we at Antiflamme Purafiltre recommend that you consult expert commercial kitchen ventilation cleaning professionals like us. We offer a wide range of customized cleaning services for commercial kitchen hoods, and other ventilation systems.

Aspects to keep in view

It’s crucial to have a well-designed kitchen ventilation system that is able to meet the needs of your commercial kitchen. There are a number of benefits to this such as:

1. Improved air quality

Preparing & cooking large amounts of food produces smoke, steam, odors, intense heat, and steam, as well as airborne particles. These can cause a significant amount of irritation to skin and eyes and even various respiratory problems. All these factors not only impact people working in the kitchen, but also ones outside it, such as guests in the dining area. An efficient kitchen ventilation system will remove all these irritants from the indoor air and also control the temperature in this space.

2. Grease removal

When frying any foods, the grease can evaporate. It becomes airborne and then settles on the ceiling and walls, which can be extremely unhygienic. It can also result in major problems related to food safety. A well-designed and well-maintained kitchen ventilation system helps remove all the grease particles from the air for a cleaner and safer commercial kitchen environment.

3. Odor control

Professionally installed kitchen ventilation systems help prevent odors from festering and impacting the working environment. They also help prevent the odors from traveling to various the other areas of the setting, such as the dining areas.

4. Rules and requirements

Health & safety regulations require that commercial kitchens provide suitable and effective ventilation in all enclosed workplaces. If you fall back on these aspects or fail to comply with the local rules and regulations that can result in the establishment being shut down.  The good news is that we can provide clients excellent kitchen ventilation cleaning and maintenance solutions. We use the latest cleaning tools, technologies, and techniques in the work, ensuring that your kitchen is free or contaminants, odors, grease etc.

Whether you’re managing some business with a commercial kitchen or even looking to embark on a new venture, investing in a high-grade commercial kitchen ventilation system gives you the best chance of success. It’s equally important to maintain these systems well and that is what we can help with.

Clean systems will operate optimally and last longer too. If you want to know more about kitchen ventilation systems, just get in touch with us at Antiflamme Purafiltre. You can use this contact us form or call 514-351-7515/514-351-860 and we’ll be happy to help.