Grease Filter: A Good Solution To Reduce Residue Accumulation

A kitchen range hood is designed to carry away cooking odors, smoke, and grease from the indoor environment, releasing it outdoors. This improves overall air quality, making indoors safer for all employees. A grease filter is an important aspect of a range hood. It should be maintained in good condition to ensure your range hood continues to work as it was supposed to. At Antiflamme Purafilture, we understand the importance of grease filters and offer expert cleaning services. Here are some important facts you need to know about these filters:

Air filters remove grease particles

Grease filters remove small grease particles from the kitchen atmosphere. Filters will catch grease particles as air passes through it. Without this, the grease particles will accumulate in your range hood and evacuation ducts, compromising its function. This makes it important to ensure there are no problems with your grease filters and that it is a proper fit for your current system.

 Types of filters

There are two different types of filters available today; baffle and mesh. Both filter out grease but baffle is more efficient than mesh. Here’s a brief introduction to these two filters:


These are more common in modern range hoods because it is considered safer than regular mesh filters. They are made from metals like aluminum, mild steel, or stainless steel. It forces air passing through the system to quickly change directions repeatedly. Grease particles can’t keep up with these swift changes so they cling to baffle grill in a condensed form, eventually dripping down towards a collection tray.

This system eventually drains its collection tray. Experts consider baffle grease filter to be the safest filter with a very low combustion rate. Here are some benefits of this system:

The baffle grill is easier to clean and maintain, which makes it a popular choice in commercial kitchens where hoods need to be cleaned more often. An all-metal construction ensures this product is very durable, withstanding years of use without problems.  Baffle filters have a grease trap that helps stifle fire in case of an accident, keeping it from spreading to other areas of your hood or kitchen.
This component is a little more expensive than mesh filters and requires cleaning every few months. However, it is highly rated by all government agencies and experts in this field.


Mesh filters have been around for several years so they’re a common fixture in older range hoods. Modern hoods don’t have mesh because this component is considered unsafe, highly susceptible to fire. These filters have multiple layers of fine metal mesh stacked on top of one another, creating a very fine filter. When kitchen air is forced through it, grease particles become trapped in mesh while air passes safely. Mesh filters are not approved for commercial kitchen use and must be replaced with baffled filters.

It’s important to ensure the filters are of correct size and shape so your hood functions properly.

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