Why To Use Commercial Hood Cleaning Services For Your Restaurant?

Professional kitchens need to follow strict standards of hygiene to work in this industry. Regulations require owners to keep their space clean, maintain all equipment according to established standards, and ensure there’s no room for mold, germs, pests, etc. You can only achieve this level of hygiene with regular cleaning. Professional kitchen hoods are some of the most difficult appliances to clean. You need commercial hood cleaning experts to ensure there are no traces of dirt or grime left behind.

Why do you need hoods cleaned?

Regular hood cleaning removes grease from clogged filters, ducts and the fan, prevents development of mold, and improves indoor air quality. It also helps avoid disasters like fire, which is more common in unclean hoods with clogged filters and air ducts. Cleaning can also help increase a hood’s lifespan, ensuring you don’t have to replace it too often. That helps cut down on long-term costs.

Experts recommend comprehensive commercial hood cleaning every six months for regular restaurant kitchens. This should keep all filters relatively clean and your hood in good condition. Going longer without cleaning will compromise indoor air quality considerably.

Kitchens with heavy grease producing equipment like charcoal broilers, grills, deep fryers, etc, will require cleaning more often. It’s a good idea to consult with an expert to create an acceptable cleaning schedule for these hoods. The volume of food prepared also has an impact on a cleaning schedule. Hoods in busy kitchens will require more cleaning more often.

Why use commercial hood cleaning services?

Some business owners attempt to save money by handling hood cleaning without professional assistance. This can do a considerable amount of harm and even get a business in trouble if the hood isn’t cleaned well. Here are some reasons why you need to use commercial hood cleaning services:

Knowledge of hood structure – Professional cleaners understand the cleaning hood structure; this means they know which areas will have a high accumulation of grime, mold, or other problematic elements. Experts will know where to clean first, how to clean effectively, and then double-check everything to ensure there are no traces of grime left behind.

Right tools and cleaning agents – Cleaning appliances can be tricky because some don’t respond well to regular cleaning solutions. Experienced professionals are familiar with all popular commercial hood brands and their cleaning requirements. They’ll use safe, proven solutions to ensure your appliances aren’t damaged during this process.

Spotting problems during commercial hood cleaning – As professionals are familiar with this appliance, they can spot problems that require repairs promptly. This can help prevent unexpected breakdowns and similar issues.

Cleaning and decontaminating – Experts will clean grease filters thoroughly to ensure they don’t get clogged over time. They’ll also decontaminate ventilation systems that are prone to develop mold. Both of these factors create an unhealthy environment in a kitchen, which impacts the health of your kitchen staff. Regular cleaning and decontamination improve kitchen air quality, keeping everyone working there safe.

We are experienced, licensed professionals with an insurance company approved approach to cleaning. We also have Certificate of Compliance with municipal regulations and we are a member of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) following the chapter 96 standard. If you’re looking for a reliable hood cleaning company, we’re a good choice.

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